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You the Scientist: The Importance of Citizen Science Programs

By Kristen Witte

The wind whips across the beach, bringing a surprising chill to an otherwise sunny day – though spring in Chicago is anything but predictable. As the cold seeps into your gloveless hands, you wonder if the next incoming wave from Lake Michigan will smash into you before a sufficient amount of water accumulates into the collection canister. You quickly cap the canister and walk over to your colleagues who are sitting a safe distance from the surf, waiting patiently with a thermometer and a pH tester. Continue reading “You the Scientist: The Importance of Citizen Science Programs”

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Precision Medicine: Using Computer Code To Analyze Genetic Code

By Robert Kriss

Sarah at five years-old was experiencing twenty-five seizures a day.  Her doctors had started to treat her with one drug, but when that did not work, they tried another, and another and another.  Sarah was taking four different drugs each day and still the seizures continued.  These drugs had worked for some people, but not for Sarah.

Continue reading “Precision Medicine: Using Computer Code To Analyze Genetic Code”

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Celebrating C2ST’s 10th Anniversary

By Mariel Tishma

The Chicago Council on Science and Technology, or C2ST, has spent the past decade working towards its mission of a community engaged with science. Pursuing that goal hasn’t been simple, and has required the work of dedicated people from day one. In C2ST’s case, four founders—Alan Schriesheim, Jon Miller, Paul Knappenberger, and Bradley Moore—laid the groundwork. In 2005, they came together with one simple idea. They would create an organization to connect the public with science and the scientific community with itself. Continue reading “Celebrating C2ST’s 10th Anniversary”