C2ST Initiatives

Each year we strive to reach a wider and more diverse audience to make sure that we are fulfilling our mission of raising scientific literacy and appreciation for science and technology in the general public. With this goal in mind, we have implemented several initiatives that speak to our commitment to change and innovate our practices to better serve the public.

Science in the Parks

In conjunction with STEAM in the Community, C2ST seeks to bring science to people and make learning as accessible as possible. With this goal in mind, we began partnering with the Chicago Park District to host family-friendly programming throughout the city’s many parks, providing engaging science-themed activities in familiar spaces.

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STEAM in the Community

C2ST is working on building a presence and relationships in five underserved neighborhoods on Chicago’s south and west sides. Not only do we want to engage traditionally underserved communities with topics such as the Night Sky, but we want to return and provide science programs relevant to the community in the future.

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Digital First

C2ST creates and hosts content created specifically for our online audience on our YouTube channel, C2ST TV. These are short, fast-paced, engaging science videos on all manner of science topics that are still reliable scientific information but in more digestible bites.

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Science Communication Internship

C2ST’s Science Communication Internship is a program that applies science disciplinary practices to a science communication context; our program teaches students how to think and speak scientifically  for the purpose of communicating science. We do this through various techniques, mainly by way of disciplinary literacy practices, but also by understanding and implementing best practices for teaching science.

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Inclusiveness in STEM

Science is for everyone! C2ST wants to ensure our programs embody that message. C2ST is committed to the advancement of STEM inclusivity and is actively working to embrace programs, speakers, and venues that are more reflective of our local and national communities. Regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or ability, we want everyone to feel welcome and safe in the learning environment we facilitate. With this goal in mind, we have started offering our programs in a wider range of communities than ever before. We make every effort to make our content available online. We seek to host speakers that are representative of our community. We partner with a variety of organizations that can help guide our inclusiveness efforts. And lastly, we hope to engage everyone and help to achieve a more inclusive and dynamic STEM culture.

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Science Journalism

The goal of the Chicago Science Journalism initiative is to enhance C2ST’s online presence through its blog and to stimulate more coverage of Chicago science and technology activities. This recent collection of articles was produced in partnership with Medill Journalism, IIT, and board member and Senior Counsel at Mayer Brown LLP, Bob Kriss. Happy Reading!


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