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Artificial Wombs: From Science Fiction to Reality

By Laura Tran, C2ST Intern, Rush University

While the idea of growing babies outside of the body in artificial wombs sounds like something out of a work of science fiction, research has brought it much closer to becoming reality. Over the last decade, research groups have been exploring the possibility of artificial gestation (pregnancy) in a number of different ways. Continue reading “Artificial Wombs: From Science Fiction to Reality”

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Establishing Equality for Women in STEM

By Neve Spicer, Guest Blogger

Throughout history, there have been been no shortage of inventions and innovations created by women. In fact, many female-created patents and technologies went on to significantly change and better our world. Despite this, the percentage of women involved in STEM education and employment has been and remains disproportionately low.

Historically, this has in many cases been a reflection of discriminatory attitudes which devalued female contributions, leading to low pay and difficult working environments. Modern STEM culture has wisely made significant moves to try to right the underrepresentation of both women and minorities in science, technology, and engineering fields, including the creation of Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.

Continue reading “Establishing Equality for Women in STEM”