The Chicago Council on Science and Technology’s (C2ST) mission is to inspire and engage all segments of society about science and technology and their contributions to society.

C2ST has spent the past decade working towards its mission of a community engaged with science. Pursuing that goal hasn’t been simple, and has required the work of dedicated people from day one. C2ST’s four founders laid the groundwork and in 2005, they came together with one simple idea.

They would create an organization to connect the public with science and the scientific community with itself.

A grant from NASA aimed at outreach led to a series of talks open to the public on energy and climate change, which was heavy in the public mind at the time and the NASA talks were so successful there was no reason not to create similar programs.

So, the Chicago Council on Science and Technology was born.

The council has grown to encompass much of the Chicago area and done its best to create a place where anyone from anywhere can come to learn.

C2ST Code of  Conduct

We are dedicated to providing a professional and inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, or religion. Please be respectful of diversity in individuals and in cultures at our events.





“C2ST serves as a vital resource to our community for perpetuating knowledge about the importance of science and technology in our daily lives. It is easy to take for granted special medications, diagnostic tests, cell phones, alternative sources of energy and more – but decades of research have been devoted to these advancements that allow us to enjoy the fruits of dedicated scientists. Now, we have a responsibility to train the next generation of innovators, and C2ST plays a major role in this noble goal.”

-Mary J.C. Hendrix, President, Shepherd University

Board of Directors

Alan Schriesheim, President C2ST
Director Emeritus
Argonne National Laboratory

Jay Walsh, Board Chair C2ST
Interim Vice President for Economic Development and Innovation
University of Illinois System

Gerald Blazey
Vice President for Research & Innovation Partnerships
Northern Illinois University

Gastone G. Celesia, Ex-Officio Board Member
Professor Emeritus
Loyola University

Holly Copeland
Director, Public Affairs & Corporate Social Responsibility
Horizon Therapeutics

Raj Echambadi
Illinois Institute of Technology

Salma Ghanem
DePaul University

Mary J.C. Hendrix
Shepherd University, WV

Kyle Holen, M.D.
Vice President
Development Design Center

Chevy Humphrey
President & Chief Executive Officer
Museum of Science and Industry

Paul Kearns
Argonne National Laboratory

Karen Kim
Vice Provost for Research
University of Chicago

Charles Knapp
VP of Conservation and Research
John G. Shedd Aquarium

Dorothy Kozlowski, Board Representative
Vincent de Paul Professor,
Department of Biological Sciences and Neuroscience Program
DePaul University

Robert J. Kriss
Senior Counsel, Mayer Brown

Thorsten Lumbsch
Vice President, Science and Education
Curator, Lichenized Fungi
The Field Museum of Natural History

Walter Massey
President Emeritus,
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
City Colleges of Chicago,
Chair of the Board of Trustees

Lia Merminga

Jon D. Miller, Co-Founder
Director International Center for the Advancement of Scientific Literacy
Institute for Social Research
University of Michigan

Norman Peterson, Board Representative 
Director, Government Relations
Argonne National Laboratory

Patrick C. Seed, Board Representative
President & Chief Research Officer
Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute

Thomas P. Shanley
President & Chief Executive Officer
Lurie Children’s Hospital

Arch Shaw
President & Chief Executive Officer
Arch Investors Ltd

Julian Siggers
President & Chief Executive Officer
The Field Museum of Natural History

Kay Torshen
Torshen Capital Management, LLC

Sarah Tucker-Vandenplas
ARCS Foundation, Inc., Illinois Chapter

Jessica Turner-Skoff
Treeologist – Science Communication Leader
The Morton Arboretum

Ralph Wanger
RW Investments

Patricia Ward, Board Representative
Director, Science Exhibitions and Partnerships
Museum of Science and Industry

Christopher White
Dean, College of Aviation Science and Technology
Lewis University

Kristine M. Young
Partner, Intellectual Property
Mayer Brown LLP

Auxiliary Board

Jen Alvares, Co-President
Associate Director, Global Marketing Programs, Bionano Genomics

Jennifer Brummet
Manager, Research American Epilepsy Society

Dr. Cary Hayner
Staff Cell Engineer Rivian

Robert Kappers
Intellectual Property Attorney Steptoe & Johnson LLP

Alma Navarro
Project Engineer, KDM Engineering

Shonna Pryor
Artist, art programs producer, and educator School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Dr. Hunter Rogers, Co-President
Biotech Equity Research Associate, William Blair

Kathleen Slingerland
Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist Nature's Fynd

Dr. Sheela Vemu
Assistant Professor Waubonsee Community College

C2ST Artist In Residence

Jordan Holmes
Musician and Spoken Word Artist

Shonna Pryor
Visual Art and Mixed Media

C2ST Educator Fellow

Kori Milroy
Science Teacher, Skinner West Classical School

C2ST Staff

Katie Ahmed, MA

Katie Ahmed, MA

Director of Operations
Jacob Friedfeld

Jacob Friedfeld

Marketing, Communication, Technology Associate
Dawnne LePretre, Ph.D.

Dawnne LePretre, Ph.D.

Assistant Director of Development and Programs