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Civilization and its Discontents – 2017

Civilization and its Discontents – 2017

Sanford (Sandy) Morganstein

There are reasons why we are living in a period witnessing the decline of 17th and 18th Century Enlightenment values.  Reasons why tens of thousands found it necessary to “march for science” and support fact-based reasoning and critical thinking (C2ST - The Enlightening March for Science).


The Enlightening March for Science

Where would we be without The Enlightenment?  The Enlightenment generally refers to Western civilization’s continuing exit from the “Dark Ages.”  It follows on The Renaissance (“rebirth” in French).  It is the reinforcement of Science.

I say reinforcement rather than “birth of Science” purposefully…to avoid cultural chauvinism.  Elements of the scientific method appear in Aristotle and ancient Indian materialism. 


Book Review The Three Body Problem


Book Review: The Three-Body Problem


March and the Birth of Another Giant of Science

By Sanford (Sandy) Morganstein

It will be the 138th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s birth on March 14.

Einstein once wrote to Freud: “[Great men] have little influence on the course of political events. It would almost appear that the very domain of human activity most crucial to the fate of nations is inescapably in the hands of wholly irresponsible political rulers.”