Transforming the Rustbelt

Comment by Robert Kriss, C2ST

Engineering professor Jian Cao had a favorite toy growing up — a construction set — and she spent many hours joyfully building with it. Today, the eminent scientist is an associate vice president for research and director of the Northwestern Initiative for Manufacturing Science and Innovation (NIMSI).  Cao and her Chicago-based team are developing transformative technologies to shape manufacturing’s future. By harnessing the principles of engineering, computer science, physics, chemistry, and environmental science,  Cao and NIMSI are creating the potential for better paying, more intellectually rewarding, and safer jobs in manufacturing — while also producing less expensive and better quality products. NIMSI is making technology work for workers and consumers while helping protect the environment.  Read more about how this Northwestern research could change the “Rustbelt” to the “High Tech Heartland” here.

Manufacturing A Future — Beyond The Assembly Line

By Matt Golosinski

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