Overcoming The Apocalypse Narrative Through Art | EcoVoice Festival ’22 Keynote

By C2ST Staff

The keynote address from the 2022 EcoVoice festival, given by Dr. Mika Tosca of the University of Chicago.

The EcoVoice Festival is three days of performances and activities that build awareness, educate, and call others to action on climate change. The 2022 inaugural festival took place July 8-10 and was hosted at Loyola University and the University of Illinois, Chicago. The festival featured the premiere live performance of the New Earth Ensemble and two new song cycles, as well as educational panels and sessions.

Want to learn more about the 2023 festival? Check it out here: https://ecovoiceproject.org/2023season

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“Strings tune-up (harmonics)” courtesy of freesound.org: https://freesound.org/people/camel7695/sounds/541641/

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