Press Release

Science in the City 2018

Join Chicago Council on Science and Technology for Science in the City

CHICAGO, Illinois (April 20, 2018)—C2ST honors science leaders.

C2ST is proud to award two outstanding individuals for their contributions to science in the city, with our “Advancing the Public Understanding of Science & Technology” award. C2ST created this award in 2012 to honor individuals who share in the passion and mission of the organization—to increase the awareness of the great R&D taking place in our region. Continue reading “Science in the City 2018”

Blog Post

You the Scientist: The Importance of Citizen Science Programs

By Kristen Witte

The wind whips across the beach, bringing a surprising chill to an otherwise sunny day – though spring in Chicago is anything but predictable. As the cold seeps into your gloveless hands, you wonder if the next incoming wave from Lake Michigan will smash into you before a sufficient amount of water accumulates into the collection canister. You quickly cap the canister and walk over to your colleagues who are sitting a safe distance from the surf, waiting patiently with a thermometer and a pH tester. Continue reading “You the Scientist: The Importance of Citizen Science Programs”