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Argonne X-Ray Machine Plays Key Role in COVID-19 Vaccine Development

By Robert J. Kriss, C2ST Editor

In 1995 Argonne National Laboratory built a machine known as the Advanced Photon Source (“APS”) which generates X-rays capable of detecting the atomic structure of many different substances, including viruses.  Over the last two and a half decades, scientists have used the APS to help develop more effective vaccines against infectious diseases.  

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C2ST Science at Home: Winter Wonder Experiments

By C2ST Staff

The cold weather and short days that come with winter can be gloomy, so let’s brighten them up with some science! These easy experiments are designed to help us learn about science from the comfort of our homes… with a few quick, bundled trips outside. The cold air can help us learn about chemistry and physics by changing the way that atoms and molecules–the tiny things that make up everything around us–interact with each other. We included a few experiments here for you and encourage you to try them all, but they can all be done separately. The materials should be easy to come by, or ones that you already own, but we included links just in case!

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