Dr. Charles Macal shares how his work has helped predict the spread of COVID, and how modeling is an important tool for stopping future pandemics. COVID-19 has been dominating our lives and the news for more than a year now. Behind those news stories were scientists from a wide variety of fields working together to understand the virus, how it spread, and how best to beat it. Continue reading “Modeling Chicago for the COVID-19 Pandemic”

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Experience an intimate culinary-science “meet cute” that is sure to spark your curiosity. Renowned Michelin Star chef, Giuseppe Tentori, and nutritionist, Dr. Britt Burton-Freeman will guide you and your loved ones in an exclusive evening preparing the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner: beef tenderloin with roasted brussels sprouts, truffle sauce, and butternut squash. Continue reading “Curious Cuisine: Cooking with Giuseppe Tentori”