Here’s a trivia question: what contains 20% of the world’s surface freshwater, claims the world’s largest freshwater sand dune, provides water for more than 40 million people, and may harbor a ‘Nessie-like’ monster of its own? Perhaps you correctly guessed it is the Great Lakes! One of the world’s most important freshwater resources. Tune-in to hear from Alliance for the Great Lakes staff who are working hard to preserve those resources for all of us. Continue reading “Working Together to Keep the Lakes Great”

Join us to take a tour of some local wetlands while learning about innovative research methodologies from the scientists who implement them. The Great Lakes are one of the world’s most incredible freshwater resources, comprising 20% of the world’s surface freshwater; however, many of us do not fully appreciate how impressive they are. Shedd Aquarium is a key cog in preserving the integrity, health and biodiversity of the Great Lakes region for the plants, animals and people that depend on them. To further that mission, Shedd has a team of research experts who are not only dedicated to Great Lakes conservation initiatives, but also to informing and involving the public in those efforts. Continue reading “Conservation Stories: Shedd Aquarium’s Local Freshwater Research”

Air quality is an immensely important environmental issue all over the planet. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, air pollutant emissions in the atmosphere have been increasing, causing air quality to worsen. Recently, sustained efforts to improve air quality have successfully decreased air pollutant emissions across the United States, however, many urban areas still struggle to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air quality standards.

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Urban ecosystems were created by people, for people, but that doesn’t mean animals haven’t evolved to survive or even thrive within modern cities. Dr. Seth Magle and Dr. Maureen Murray highlight the importance of understanding human-wildlife interactions and the incredible research done by the Urban Wildlife Institute at Lincoln Park Zoo.

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