Future Fuels’ Seth Snyder’s Biography

Section Leader – Process Technology Research, Argonne National Laboratory

Section Leader – Process Technology Research

After a postdoctoral fellowship at Argonne in photosynthesis, Seth Snyder worked at Abbott Laboratories in Alzheimer’s and pharmaceutical discovery research.

In 1998, he rejoined Argonne as the associate director of the Chemistry Division where he developed new programs in nanoscience and applied biotechnology.

In 2001, he joined the Energy Systems Division as the section leader of Chemical and Biological Technology and now Process Technology Research. His team develops new process technologies ranging from tree growth through fermentation and product separations with a focus on energy efficiency biofuels, biobased products, CO2 capture, and water technologies.

He serves as Argonne’s Lab Relationship Manager for the DOE Office of Biomass, on the DOE Industrial Technologies Program, national lab strategic planning group. a member of the governing board (and 2010 chair) for the Council for Chemical Research, on the State of Illinois Biofuels Task Force, iBIO AgBiotech task force, and on the steering committee for several academic centers in renewable energy.

He has published approximately 40 papers, has eight patents and has received two R&D 100 awards. He is a co-founder of Clean-Stream Technologies.

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