Dr. Cynthia Boyd (John Hopkins), Dr. Tracy Lustig (The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine), and Dr. Carla Perissinotto (UCSF) will overview the mental health impacts of social isolation and loneliness in older adults. These senior experts will also offer strategies from an individual to a population health level to mitigate the impacts.

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This program is part of the IIT Distinguished Lectureship Series (VIRTUAL).

Nanoengineered materials have exciting, untapped potential to improve energy and water technologies. In this talk, Dr. Wang will provide a few examples of how nanoscale manipulation capabilities are leveraged to develop advanced thermal management, solar thermal energy conversion, and water harvesting devices. Continue reading “Nanoengineered Materials and Thermal Engineering for Advanced Energy and Water Technologies”

Here’s a trivia question: what contains 20% of the world’s surface freshwater, claims the world’s largest freshwater sand dune, provides water for more than 40 million people, and may harbor a ‘Nessie-like’ monster of its own? Perhaps you correctly guessed it is the Great Lakes! One of the world’s most important freshwater resources. Tune-in to hear from Alliance for the Great Lakes staff who are working hard to preserve those resources for all of us. Continue reading “Working Together to Keep the Lakes Great”