This program is part of the IIT Distinguished Lectureship Series (VIRTUAL).

Nanoengineered materials have exciting, untapped potential to improve energy and water technologies. In this talk, Dr. Wang will provide a few examples of how nanoscale manipulation capabilities are leveraged to develop advanced thermal management, solar thermal energy conversion, and water harvesting devices. Continue reading “Nanoengineered Materials and Thermal Engineering for Advanced Energy and Water Technologies”

Ask the Scientists is a chance to highlight the three topics awarded 2020 Nobel Prizes in science: black holes, CRISPR and Hepatitis C. The knowledge gained in these three fields helps explain the mysteries of our universe, provides modern solutions using novel genetic understanding and continues to save millions of lives. Three experts discuss the current work they are doing to advance our understanding of science within the body, and throughout the universe.
Continue reading “Ask the Scientists: 2020 Nobel Science Topics”

About 12,000 years ago, early humans began directly shaping nature through selective breeding of plants and animals. This moment in time is called the Agricultural Revolution. What humans eat today, in Chicago and around the globe, is a direct result of the advances made thousands of years before any of us were ever born. But the truth is that the Agricultural Revolution never stopped. In some ways, it’s just begun…  Continue reading “Engineering Plants: The 12,000 Year Plan”