Join us to take a tour of some local wetlands while learning about innovative research methodologies from the scientists who implement them. The Great Lakes are one of the world’s most incredible freshwater resources, comprising 20% of the world’s surface freshwater; however, many of us do not fully appreciate how impressive they are. Shedd Aquarium is a key cog in preserving the integrity, health and biodiversity of the Great Lakes region for the plants, animals and people that depend on them. To further that mission, Shedd has a team of research experts who are not only dedicated to Great Lakes conservation initiatives, but also to informing and involving the public in those efforts. Continue reading “Conservation Stories: Shedd Aquarium’s Local Freshwater Research”

Join C2ST and Dr. Janet Voight of the Field Museum for our first ever Science and Sandwiches Program! On the first Friday of every month, we will be sitting down with an expert during the lunch hour to chat about life, about science, careers, a day on the job, and whatever else you’re interested in learning about them–within reason, anyways.

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The survival of all forms of Life on Earth through geological time has depended on controlling mineral growth within the environments they inhabit.  This process, called biomineralization, has been an essential unavoidable, and ubiquitously distributed force of nature that has caused essential strategic benefits (like forming bones for muscle attachment), as well as profound practical problems and impediments (such as the growth of kidney stones).

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About 12,000 years ago, early humans began directly shaping nature through selective breeding of plants and animals. This moment in time is called the Agricultural Revolution. What humans eat today, in Chicago and around the globe, is a direct result of the advances made thousands of years before any of us were ever born. But the truth is that the Agricultural Revolution never stopped. In some ways, it’s just begun…  Continue reading “Engineering Plants: The 12,000 Year Plan”