Secrets of the Art World Unlocked

June 7, 2009

Northwestern University, Hughes Auditorium
303 East Superior Street, Chicago, IL, United States



Works of art in your local museum are not always as they seem. Ever wonder why paintings change color over time, how some ancient Chinese Jade mysteriously blackened, or how the composition of a 20 th century bronze statue can determine where, when and by whom it was cast? The art world holds secrets that many times only modern science can unlock.

Northwestern Professors Katherine Faber, David Dunand and Kimberly Gray, researchers with the Art Institute of Chicago – Northwestern University Collaboration in Conservation Science explained how using advanced and homemade research tools helps to unlock answers to questions surrounding some of our cultures biggest icons.

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Northwestern University
Hughes Auditorium
303 East Superior
Chicago, IL


Event Details

Katherine T. Faber Professor, McC Materials Science and Engineering

Kimberly A. Gray Professor, McC

Civil & Environmental Engineering

David C. Dunand Professor, McC Materials Science and Engineering