Science From The Frontlines: COVID-19 Control Measures in Zhejiang, China

April 28, 2020


Learn how frontline responders from Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital helped to drastically decrease the number of COVID-19 cases in China.

As COVID-19 continues its spread throughout the United States, there have been heightened national and regional discussions around how best to slow the virus’s spread and effectively treat those suffering from the virus. Numbers of cases have been drastically reduced in China, where COVID-19 got its start, which makes understanding preventative and reactive measures taken there even more important to fighting the virus in the US. 

The Chicago Council on Science and Technology is excited to host experts from Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital in Hangzhao, Zhejiang, China as a continuation of our Science from the Frontlines series. These experts will discuss the prevention and treatment systems they used to combat COVID-19. They will also detail their clinical experiences and the innovative infection control measures used on the frontlines of fighting the virus.

Event Details

C2ST’s Science From the Frontlines is an ongoing series of virtual events tackling topics such as vaccines, public health, community best practices, and other subjects relevant to the COVID-19 epidemic. This series of virtual events will also serve as a fundraiser for C2ST and frontline efforts to combat COVID-19.

While we are concerned about our continued well-being as an organization, we know that our community is also in peril. To make sure we are doing our part for the community, 50% of all donations from the “Science From the Frontlines” series will be split between selected organizations involved in the fight against COVID-19. When you make a donation during this campaign, not only will you be ensuring that cutting-edge science will be accessible to the public, but you will also be helping the effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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