Science and Sandwiches featuring Steven Kessel, PhD

August 6, 2021
12:15 pm – 12:45 pm


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Join C2ST and Dr. Steven Kessel for our monthly Science and Sandwiches Program! On the first Friday of every month, we will be sitting down with an expert during the lunch hour to chat about life, about science, careers, a day on the job, and whatever else you’re interested in learning about them–within reason, anyways.

Dr. Steven Kessel is the Director of Marine Research at Shedd Aquarium, where he oversees researchers working to protect culturally and economically important species in the Bahamas, like the Nassau grouper, queen conch and corals. In addition, Dr. Kessel conducts his own research on Caribbean sharks in an effort to protect these keystone species. Through research done around the globe, Dr. Kessel has come face-to-face with Lemon sharks, manta rays, and lake sturgeon, earning a well-deserved reputation as a conservation scientist.

At C2ST, we believe that access to experts is important in ensuring that science is for everyone, which is why we want to host these conversations. We encourage you to grab some grub, make yourself comfortable, tune into the conversation, and if you’re up for it, ask a question.

Event Details

Friday, August 6th from 12:15 – 12:45 pm CT, hosted through Zoom.

In order to receive a Zoom link to attend this program, you must register through Eventbrite! You will receive the link upon registering, and an hour prior to the event. We plan on allowing you to ask questions of our expert yourself!  To support STEM programs like this, you can DONATE to C2ST HERE!

We are dedicated to providing an inclusive environment for everyone. Please respect diversity in individuals and in cultures.