April 18, 2015

Gene Siskel Film Center
164 North State Street, Chicago, IL, USA


“Science on Screen” will explore the ways that filmmakers and scientists can work together to maximize their creative, communicative, and commercial aims. Covering both documentary film and narrative drama, the workshop will examine how filmmakers can be inspired by real scientific research, and in turn, how working scientists can collaborate with artists to ensure their science is represented responsibly on screen.

Event Details

Speakers: Anthony Kaufman, Chicago International Film Festival
Moderator: Kyle Patrick Alvarez, Filmmaker, The Stanford Prison Experiments
Bruce Sheridan, Columbia College Chicago
Peggy Mason, University of Chicago
Clayton Brown and Monica Ross, Filmmakers, The Atom Smashers.

The Chicago International Film Festival is proud to be a participant at the Lake FX Summit+ Expo presented by Google, April16-19, 2015. Lake FX is the Midwest region’s largest free conference for artists, creative professionals and entrepreneurs. with programs related to the music, film, fashion, culinary and visual & performing arts industries.

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