Coping with Climate Change: How Plants and People Respond to our Rapidly Changing World – Webinar

April 29, 2020
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


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Can our forests cope with the impacts of climate change? Can human communities find hope and resilience to act and adapt? Grab a drink at the bar (one is included in the price of the program) and join us for an evening of science and inspiration with special guest Dr. Lauren Oakes, conservation scientist and author of In Search of the Canary Tree.

Scientists have determined that many of our world’s forests are affected by climate change. But there is still much more to decipher about what forests will look like in the decades and centuries to come. Dr. Lauren Oakes set out to answer the questions: What’s next for our forests? What’s next for us? Her six years of research in the coastal temperate forests of Alaska uncovered stories of resilience and transformation, not just among the plants, but also among the people that love, care for, and rely upon them.

Dr. Oakes will join members of The Morton Arboretum’s science and conservation team to discuss how our forests are responding to the rapidly changing environment, and how people can still find hope and meaningful action for a thriving relationship with our natural world.

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Wednesday, April 29th, 2020, 7:00pm – 8:30pm, Webinar

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