Climate Disruption: What We Can Do Now

The Earth has warmed by almost two degrees Fahrenheit since 1880. This seemingly small increase in global warming explains why much of the land ice on the planet is starting to melt, the oceans are rising at an accelerating pace, and weather extremes are becoming common. Climate researchers have vetted the overwhelming science-based evidence and conclude that human activities associated with the release of greenhouse gases are the primary culprit. If emissions continue unchecked, global warming will exceed eight degrees Fahrenheit. This would significantly transform the planet as we know it today and undermine its capacity to support a large human population. This presentation will focus on the science-based evidence of climate disruption and lay out the options available to us to secure a sustainable future.

Event Details

Wednesday, March 9th. Registration/Reception at 5:45pm, Program starts at 6:30pm

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Can’t join us live? Then join us via live stream, or watch the program at your leisure at a later date on our YouTube channel, C2ST TV. Streaming starts at 6 p.m.