Chicago’s Dark Matter: WIMPs of the Underground

December 9, 2010

Northwestern University Chicago Campus, Hughes Auditorium
303 E Superior St, Chicago, IL, United States


The next decade will be the decade of the WIMP, the best candidate for dark matter. Astronomers tell us dark matter exists, as well as how much there is. Cosmologists have a simple, elegant, compelling explanation for dark matter: a weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) that was produced in the primordial soup. If WIMPs are the dark matter, we should be on the threshold of producing them at accelerators like CERN or Fermilab, or detecting the relic WIMPs underground. We should soon know if WIMPs are the answer, or just another simple, elegant, and compelling, but wrong, explanation.

Event Details

Thursday December 9, 2010

Northwestern University
Chicago Campus
Hughes Auditorium
303 East Superior

5pm Reception & Registration
6pm Presentation followed by Q&A

$10 Advance Reg / $15 Door / $5 Student

Discounted parking will be made available to the first 50 attendees at the 222 E. Huron St. garage.

Dr. Juan Collar
Dr. Rocky Kolb
Dr. Carlos Wagner