C2ST Speakeasy: “Urban Farming and Closed-Loop Production” with Eric Weber

What kinds of technology are involved with helping reduce and reuse food waste in an urban food production setting? Plant Chicago’s Farm Technology Coordinator, Eric Weber, will discuss some of the projects being explored at The Plant, and how they fit into the larger world. These projects focus on various parts of the circular economy as it relates to food production, from the actual production of food to the energy used in both production and processing, as well as how to handle the waste products generated. Attendees will be introduced to controlled environment growing systems for the production of fish, plants, mushrooms, and algae. On the other end of the spectrum, methods of handling waste products resulting from food production and processing will be discussed. These waste projects revolve around either diverting material to other uses (such as feed stock or growing media), or methods for turning material into fuel sources (anaerobic digestion, biomass brick production). Other building systems currently in use or in the planning stages address many other parts of the equation, such as rainwater harvesting, greywater management, building utility monitoring and building environmental control. All of these projects together try to address as many parts of the circular economy as possible. The hope is to create an overall system that not only helps minimize the impact of an operation such as The Plant, but to also serve as a replicable model for other businesses, large or small.

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**C2ST Speakeasy has moved!** On June 7th, C2ST Speakeasy will be held at Pint at 1547 N Milwaukee, just south of the Damen stop on the Blue Line. We will be using the private back room at Pint.

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