C2ST Speakeasy: “A Diamond Age of Microelectronics” with Adam Khan

October 20, 2015

Geek Bar Beta
1941 West North Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

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Since just after World War II, U.S. and global researchers have attempted to evolve diamond’s use beyond simple gem. With extreme material properties such as ultra hardness, complete transparency to visible light, ultra high thermal conductivity, ultra fast power and frequency handling and switching, diamond it would seem, would be a perfect fit for technological use.

Over 60 years later, from the first successful attempt to synthesize, or “grow” a synthetic diamond, capabilities have expanded dramatically: from growing the perfect diamond gem to creating an ultrathin nanodiamond. With modern electronics performance and design demands ever-increasing, what role does diamond have to play alongside such advanced materials as sapphire and graphene? How does diamond stand to impact end-use applications such as wearable electronics, broadband communication, and electric vehicles? How far are we from a “Diamond Age of Microelectronics?”


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