C2ST Speakeasy: “Biomedical Imaging and Personalized Medicine” with Dr. Daniel Procissi

April 7, 2015

Geek Bar Beta
1941 West North Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA


How far are we technologically from having  imaging  platforms such as the ones depicted in science fiction TV shows and movies? Will Doctors be able to use advanced imaging to get an immediate snapshot of our body and assess our physical condition and therapeutic requirements in real time? In the last decade the public has been inundated with words like “personalized” and “individualized” approaches for treating disease. The idea that “one size does not fit all” has gained traction and the message has consistently been that medical professionals are now able to use new genetic, biological and technological tools to cater treatments on a person-by-person basis. Medical imaging technology plays a significant and important role for this “personalized medicine” pursuit. We will briefly discuss how imaging influenced  modern medicine historically, how it will contribute to its future and what are the challenges to get there.

Event Details

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