Biomechanics: The Science of Movement

August 23, 2014

Hilton Chicago
720 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, USA


Coinciding with the Transamerica Chicago Triathlon, Dr. Steven McCaw of Illinois State University will bring us the latest research and advances in the science of running. If you are one of the millions of Americans who run for exercise or recreation, you won’t want to miss this event.

Running might seem simple to us, but it requires the effective coordination of hundreds of muscles and joints, as well as the underlying physiological processes that govern and support them. The basic biomechanics of running involves contact with the ground, “flight time,” stride length, stride rate, and the motion of the joints. Small differences in the interactions of the muscles, joints and physiology can affect the biomechanics of a runner. Scientists use sophisticated technology to help them understand the details of this complicated process.

Understanding these processes can inform the decisions we make in our own lives. Millions of runners experience injuries every year. American runner spent over a billion dollars last year on running-related footwear with an interest in reducing injury, increasing comfort and increasing performance. Dr. McCaw will explain how to translate the latest scientific research into practical steps for reducing injury and selecting footwear. This program will lead to a deeper understanding and a greater appreciation for the biomechanics of running.

This event is free to attend. Seats are limited, so please come early!