Art, Science, and the Elegant Universe

June 10, 2020
4:00 pm – 4:45 pm

Facebook Live

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“Scientists and artists both thrive on uncertainty and a sense of adventure.” These two ideas have inspired Lindsay Olson during her residency at Fermilab. Working with Fermilab scientists, like Dr. Kirsty Duffy, she created a body of work about the Standard Model, neutrino research, and the CMS experiment at CERN.
Dr. Duffy will talk about the neutrino, the universe’s weirdest particle. She will share her excitement about the research she is doing at Fermilab with hundreds (or thousands!) of scientists from around the world, and try to explain why she and so many people have dedicated their lives to understanding a particle that can’t even be seen. Lindsay will talk about the impact of working collaboratively with scientists and using what she learns to create art that helps others understand science. She will share how her projects evolved and changed not only how she made art but how she views her role as an artist in the wider community.

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