Cultivate Curiosity as a C2ST Board Member

C2ST Auxiliary Board Members Lead “Science is for Everyone”


Join the C2ST Auxiliary Board of Directors and be a part of a Chicago-area cultural institution! Our science-minded board works for the advancement of scientific literacy and public appreciation for science and technology. C2ST board members represent top-tier research facilities, universities, museums, laboratories, and more. Interested in lending your expertise and talent to C2ST as a Board Member? Let’s talk about it. 

As a Board Member, you’ll join an esteemed group of scientific organizations and institutions to:

-Facilitate open access science education to the public

-Connect disparate communities and create a larger scientific community across Chicago

-Aid your organization in meeting its outreach goals

-Promote STEM career pipeline opportunities

-Collaborate in planning scientific programming and events for our audience,

-Highlight Chicago as an important area for STEM

-Help C2ST expand its reach and form new partnerships.

For more information on joining the C2ST Board of Directors, please email Katie Ahmed at or call (774) 284-6985.