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ColLABorate consilience is a half-day event exploring how an interdisciplinary approach can yield unique, novel solutions for sustainable laboratories.

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How will AI shape our world and what must be done to regulate its use? We’ve invited experts to share their thoughts with you.

Artificial Intelligence – AI – is poised to make our jobs easier, augment what we do, and, perhaps inevitably, take over our jobs. AI is creating art (see our event graphic!), contributing to scientific discovery and medical advancements, composing narratives and poetry, beating us at chess, and polarizing our politics. What is the extent of this powerful tool and how are leaders in policy-making, R&D, law, and social justice grappling with this rapidly evolving technology? We’ve assembled a panel of just such leaders to discuss this topic with you!

Join us at 1871, the innovation hub, on November 9th to hear from these experts and ask your own questions. We can’t wait to learn with you!

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