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Making Things Meaningful in the Ice Age

Presentation by Margaret W. Conkey, Ph.D.
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Tales From the Sea: How do Baby Fish and Other Marine Species Find Forever Homes?

How do fish and other marine species find forever homes? How long do they remain drifters?
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Sexy Stems: Aphrodisiac Plants that Cause Love to Bloom

Since our conception as a species, humans have relied on plants for every aspect of our existence. 

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The Physics of Baseball: What Newton said to the Billygoat

Opening Day may seem far in the distant future, but that doesn't stop us from counting down the days until pitchers and catchers report for the spring season, and for the official start of spring training.

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Why in the World Haven’t We Cured Alzheimer’s by Now?

According to popular media, there seems to be a new cure/treatment/fad for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) every few months.  But sadly, the number of patients keeps rising, as does the fear and desperation of family, friends, and those at risk.