Aaron Freeman, Artist in Residence Dishes About Science
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Aaron Freeman, Artist in Residence Dishes About Science

Meet Aaron Freeman, writer/producer, science commentator and funnyman. Former host of both NPR’s weekly talk show Metropolis, and WTTW’s Chicago Tomorrow, a weekly science-and-health half-hour magazine. Aaron will be sharing his take on a variety of science topics through posts and videos.


YC Rat DNA: Uptown, Downtown, and Midtown with Peggy Mason, PhD

University of Chicago neurobiologist Peggy Mason talks with her Brain Buddies Podcast co-host Aaron Freeman about recent research by Fordham University Ph.D. candidate Matthew Comb. Comb and his team collected scores of rats from different neighborhoods in Manhattan and analyzed their DNA. Their work shows identifiable differences in the SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) of rats in different areas of the island. They hope their findings will help the Mayor DeBlasio et al diminish the big apple's rodent population.



Interview with Dr. Brian Nord: Science Education = Social Justice?

Dr. Brian Nord Jr. is a reasearch physicist at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, IL.  Watch his interview with Aaron as he explains how he believes education is a social justice issue.
Plans to Stop the Asian Carp Invasion

Aaron interviews WTTW's Chicago Tonight ace correspondent Elizabeth Brackett on the Army Corps latest plans to stop the asian carp invasion. Watch on our Facebook page here.

Eclipse Moment of Totality

Aaron ventures out to Bloomsdale, MO for a once in a lifetime view of the stunning solar eclipse. Listen to his account of the moment of Totality (when the moon completely blocks the sun) on WBEZ here.

Antibiotic Hunters: Discovering Drugs in the Ocean

Aaron Freeman dives in with Brian Murphy, Ph.D., to get to the bottom of antibiotic hunting in our waters. The program will take place at the Radler on Tuesday, July 11. Take a watch and join us live at the program.


Supplement Caveat Emptor

Meet Alyssa Tonsing-Carter, Ph.D., who will talk dietary suppliments and their regulation--or lack thereof--at our June 13 Speakeasy at the Radler. Aaron catches up with her before the program:


Fermilab's First Black Particle Physicist - Dr. Herman B. White

Dr. Herman Brenner White was the first African-American physicist hired by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. He is also the first African American to have a scientific equation bear his name; the Stefansky-White Model for Neutrino Production. For Black History Month, Chicago Council on Science and Technology Artist in Residence Aaron Freeman talks with Dr. White about the role of race in his journey from rural Tuskegee, Alabama to one of the world's top physics facilities.

Sciencing Valentine's Day

C2ST's Aaron Freeman Shares Comedic Viwew on Science

Aaron made his way out to Deerfield to visit with and present to the staff at Magellan Corporation. The President of Magellan Corporation, Bob Arthur, sits on our Board of Directors. For pictures and their press release please check out their site

The Secret Lives of Female Chimpanzees - Dr. Melissa E. Thompson


A Gym Rat's Guide to Chimpanzee Fitness


What We Got That Chimps Ain't Got: Grandmothers!

Collecting Chimp Urine: The Worst Job In Science?

Why Are Female Chimps So Sexually Promiscuous?


Parasitic Mind Control & Suicidal Love


The Tales Doctors Tell - Michael Green MD

Dr. Herman White on "The Physics of Attraction"

A Neuroscience Professor talks about the movie "Concussion"


Annals Graphic Medicine: The Last Ride of Mo Rosenzweig


#Isis vs The US The Battle of Hypothalami #parisattacks

Robert Sapolsky #Religion & #Schizophrenia


Interview with Dr. Paula Skye Tallman Part 1



#Neuroscience of Chicago #Cubs Fans


Best Day of My Life in Russian w/#Cardiology!

How Laughing Leads to Learning:



#Asthma, #Comics & Metaphor w/Dr. AlexThomas










Toxicologist Ric Newman talks #GMOs


Rodents and Racism


ISIS vs the US - The Battle of Hypothalami


When Playing Sports is Bad For Your Brain


Annals Graphic Medicine: 50 Shades of Gray Matter



The Neurobiology of The Incredible Hulk

No joke! Comedian helps masses appreciate science


Highland Park comedian tackles the humor in science


GarageBand, gTar and how technology can help turn you into a musician


How Creating Comics Can Make Doctors better – 60 Seconds With Comic Nurse MK Czerwiec


A Gastroenterologist chats about The Enteric Nervous System

The bartender says, "We don't serve faster than light particles in this bar".

A tachyon walks into a bar.

Take the Chicago Neuroscience Quiz!



President Obama is aging only as fast as the rest of us. A local scientist conducted the research, and our Artist in Residence, Aaron Freeman, spoke with him about his findings: 



Check out this short video interview with Elizabeth Brackett, Moderator of our How to Be Healthy When You're Older Panel! 

Want to know your science IQ? Click below to find out with a quiz from Aaron!