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C2ST CPS Educator Fellow

C2ST is soliciting applications for a new volunteer position in partnership with Chicago Public Schools: C2ST Educator Fellow.
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A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words—Teaching Science With Comics

Graphic narratives, also known as comics, are increasingly being used to unpack
complex concepts and experiences. Despite the stigma of being thought of as
juvenile reading matter (and not ‘real reading’ at that), comics actually have a
long history of addressing complex topics.Communicating scientific ideas—whether to a student, a patient, or a peer, can be difficult, and having a visual way of describing something can greatly enhance the process.
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Women in STEM: Connect 2014

C2ST is proud to host its third ‘women in science’ event, Women in STEM:Connect. The evening will feature a lively Q&A followed by networking. We welcome everyone, from women just contemplating a future in a science-
related field to career veterans, and all those in between. Men are also welcome to attend!
The event will feature women from various fields, at different points on their career arc, discussing what it means to be a woman in STEM.
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Science and Cinema: New Screen Frontiers

That necessary component of funding, communicating what it is we as scientists are doing to bring attention (and more research dollars) to support our work, our labs…
Film and documentaries are the perfect medium, a chance to tell your particular story in precise detail and living color.
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Nature's Fortune

Why should businesses invest in nature?
Because it is one of the smartest investments they can make, according to Mark Tercek. The services that nature provides— clean water, air, and protection from storms, floods, and other disasters— can help businesses reduce costs, mitigate risks, and protect assets.