Celebrating 10 Years of C2ST

Celebrating 10 Years of C2ST

"My love affair with science began early in life; instead of dollhouses and Barbies, I begged for chemistry sets and telescopes. I always wanted to know more, and volunteering with C2ST helps me to learn more through its lectures and innovative programming such as the C2ST speakeasy series. C2ST has also helped to broaden both my personal and professional networks, and I’m immensely proud to be affiliated with the organization." - Felecia McCree Moulton, C2ST Volunteer

Just like Felecia, your passion and support for the Chicago Council on Science and Technology have made it possible for us to mark our 10th Anniversary. Together, we've spent a decade enhancing the public's understanding and appreciation of science and technology and their impact on society.

C2ST's 10th Anniversary Lecture, "Investing in Science and Education: An Act of Faith," was delivered by Jown W. Rowe, Chairman Emeritus of Chicago-based Exelon Corporation. The lecture took place on Tuesday, February 20th at the Field Museum and is presented in partnership with the Field Museum and sponsored by Magellan Corporation. Please stay tuned for the live recording.

In establishing the Chicago Council on Science and Technology, the founders sought to bring together Chicago’s scientific leaders – academic, corporate, government, museums, universities and national laboratories — to provide a forum for the discussion of current issues of scientific interest. We have discussed many STEM topics including: stem cell research, NASA’s future, cyber security, and nuclear energy. C2ST even brought a Noble Laureate to the public for Street Corner Science. You can read more about our history here.

In 10 years, C2ST has:
- Reached over 20,000 people in various Chicagoland venues including museums, incubators, Chicago Public Schools, local libraries and pubs.
- Partnered with the CPS science department, allowing teachers to receive CPDU credits for attending some of our programs.
- Established an Artist In Residence and an Educator Fellow to help us reach new audiences.
- Reached a global audience! YouTube views of our program videos have been seen in 190 countries.

Celebrate this 10th anniversary with us, and ensure this positive impact on the future of Chicagoland continues to grow for the next 10 years. Our goal for the 10th Anniversary Campaign is to raise an additional $10,000 this year to allow us to diversify our program locations and our audience, maximizing our reach across the entire Chicagoland community. You can help us get the next decade of public science outreach off to a strong start by making a gift today.