Our lasting success would not be possible without your support!

It is hard to believe that this year, the Chicago Council on Science and Technology is celebrating its 10 year anniversary!

We hope to further diversify our audience by partnering with local schools and other non-profit organizations that reach underserved communities, extend our new program formats which have already increased our audience diversity, and continue to increase our online presence, including on social media outlets.

As we proceed, we ask that you not only celebrate our past accomplishments, but also help make possible our future endeavors. We would be grateful for any level of support during our 10 Year Anniversary Campaign. You can make a donation here or send a check to the attention of our Executive Director, Krisztina Eleki. 


Save the date for October 23rd and celebrate with us at Lagunitas Brewing Co! 

C2ST is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 tax status. Your donation is tax deductible as provided by law.